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Our Philosophy in Martial Art

  Akai-Take-Budō is a new school in Mississauga for the training of Budō through the Okanawian martial arts. We offer classes for children (4-7; 8-12 years), youth (13-17 years), and adults (18 years and up) during the day and evenings. Karate (Goju Ryu), is the first discipline being taught, and soon, Kobudo(weapons) and Tai Chi. The school focuses on hard work, diligent study, and excellence in its students, with the end goal of being the best student of Budō you can be.

Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Start setting goals!

  • Self defense
  • Confidence
  • Awareness
  • Self control
  • Physical fitness
  • Increased energy
  • Street proofing
  • Self discipline
  • Self healing
  • Stress management
  • Motivation
  • Success