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Welcome to Red Bamboo Martial Arts

Karate | Karate-do | Kobudo 


 Continuous Enrollment 

KARATE FOR: Mental Health - Self-defense - LIFE


Competition hinders the process of fine tuning.

There is a difference between training to compete and training to survive. One limits a student's potential to what they focus on outside; the other reveals unlimited potential inside. Winning or losing does not define a champion in life. It is the ability to be humble in the light of success, and fearless in the darkness of failure. When the winds of adversity blow, we rely not on what we have outside; instead, it is what we have put inside that comes out: it is the integrity of a person's roots that hold them upright. It is with this ancient wisdom that we learn and teach martial arts.


Red Bamboo Martial Arts Port Credit - We train you to have Authentic confidence. Karate and Kubudo are a means to an end. You will learn how to defend yourself, but more importantly you will become a person who can control conflict. A stronger, healthier, happier you.